Love, Friendship, & Self Worth

I’m currently sitting in a beautiful restaurant over-looking the bright turquoise Caribbean Sea, with homemade veggie egg scramble and toast, two iced coffees, and fresh flowers on the table. It’s one of those mornings that you feel incredibly grateful for. I awoke in a great mood, went for a quick 3 mile jog on the St. Croix coast, and got ready for another day. As I let my day unfold, I find my mind wandering back to where I was a year ago from now. I think back on all I’ve accomplished since graduating last May, all the new places I’ve seen, people I’ve met, challenges I’ve conquered, fears I’ve faced, and love I’ve encountered all over. It gives me chills just thinking about how much God has revealed to me in such a short period of time. Each day new wisdom flows over me and new experiences cause me to reflect on the past and learn to build a better future. 

On Friendship: When you have such a spontaneous career, it can be rather frightening and extremely rewarding all at once. Nothing is ever really consistent or stable for a long period of time. Every contract has its end date, and every person you meet or work with is only part of your life for one, two, three, or eight months depending on the job. (Granted, if you truly love the people you meet there is always a way to remain in each others lives no matter what) What I find most interesting is that these short lived relationships can sometimes be all the more powerful because they are so brief. Each relationship that I’ve formed with co-workers in the performing arts (and now cruise ship) world has been profoundly strong and binding. God is relentless in showing me that each person I meet can teach me something, whether its a smaller lesson or a more influential one. Friendship, no matter how often it might eb and flow, is one of the most important gifts God has ever granted us. 

On Self-Worth: Confidence. It seems like such a simple thing. Since moving to New York City my confidence (whether strong or weak depending on the day) has been one of the most useful things in my life. Being alone in such a mega city and attending competitive auditions every day required me to believe in myself more than ever. Now, since embarking on a cruise ship traveling the world and forcing myself away from family, phone service, and sometimes civilization, I realize that once again being true to myself and believing in my journey is so important. On a daily basis we surround ourselves with beliefs and ideals– some which are good and some not so good. As my time on the ship passes by and I experience new challenges, I realize that holding onto your own self-love, self confidence, and faith in your power is so rare. All sorts of things can drag us in the wrong direction, make us think we’re not good enough, force us to question our inner and outer beauty. And sometimes when you don’t have anyone or anything around you to keep your spirit and faith in check, YOU have to find it within yourself and bring it back to life. Life is simply too short not to believe in ourselves, push ourselves, and LOVE OURSELVES exactly as God made us. So I choose to go forth being confident in my mind, my body, my career, my choices, and my journey ahead. 

On Love: Ah love. We all crave it, seek it, need it. We feed off of the contagious energy it provides us. It kicks us into high gear, makes us live to a higher degree of life, and causes us to think more clearly. Whether we receive it from family, friends, or a lover, its a powerful fuel. And speaking of self worth– love causes us to have no inhibitions, and makes us feel more confident than ever in the presence of it. Love is comfort. Love is knowing that you can be truly yourself in every way be accepted for it. Love is endless laughter and weirdness, taking a dull moment and turning it into an exciting one. Love is sharing experiences, thoughts, trials, errors, and hopes for the future. Love is letting go of fear and resentment, choosing to push new limits, and dive into something that thrills you. I love Love. It’s the basis of everything I do, its the way I want to live my life, in love with every detail. 

It’s simple folks. Cherish your friendships, believe in yourself, and fall in love with your life. You only got one after all !

All my love, 


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