Let the Sun Shine

Awww Yaaaa da carribbean monnnnn. It’s a good day to be in da sun mon. It’s a good day to swim in dee blue ocean, to sing da blues away, to smile at da folks you pass, and to love life mon.  I’m so grateful mon.


After one month in the perfect Caribbean, I can easily say I’ve fallen in love with the blue water, the cultures, and each and every flawless island we have docked or anchored in. I’ve met many kind faces, gotten tanner than ever before, and have enjoyed palm trees, coral reefs and beaches galore. I don’t care how many islands we’ve been to or how similar they are– the sparkling water, alluring sunsets, and interesting cultures and lifestyles will never ever get old. Sailing into and sailing away from these places is the most magnificent experience. You see mountains come and go into the atmosphere off into the distance, sailboats anchoring from all over the world, waves crashing onto shores or rocks—its simply incredible.


After we finished one month of Caribbean waters we have finally arrived into South America! Today we anchored off the coast of Devil’s Island, an old prisoner island owned by the French for hundreds of years. This island isolated thousands of innocent and guilty prisoners during several wars and debacles between the French and other European colonists. It was wickedly beautiful! The moment we got off the ship it was as if we were alone and far from everything and everyone. The island is completely isolated, dark, dangerous, and yet strikingly beautiful. Black rocks everywhere, tall palms, damaged prison cells, old chapels, cobblestone steps, cemeteries, holding rooms and trails. On top of all that beauty, there was supreme wildlife. Wild parrots, monkeys, peacocks, and guinea pigs were within a foot of us. It was so surreal to be in a historic area where so many lived and died and were trapped under influence of the French government.

Onto more exciting news, TOMORROW WE CROSS THE EQUATOR INTO THE AMAZON AND MAKE OUR WAY TO …. DUN DUN DUN—Brazil! Then we spend 35 days moving all over Brazil. Manaus, Belem, Rio for 3 days, Recife, Maceio, Vitoria, Ilhabela, Buzios, Salvador, Santarem, Fortaleza, Boca de Valeria, Parintins, and so many more ports. Say prayers for our safety and some amazing experiences!


Favorite moments in the Caribbean and on the Maasdam thus far:

  1. Sunset in St. Maarten
  2. Barbados BoatYard
  3. Fort de France vanilla ice cream and French speaking people and culture
  4. Performing Goode Company opening night
  5. Running on Half Moon Cay Beach
  6. Seeing my family in Ft. Lauderdale both ports
  7. Key West shopping (yikes!) starbucks (hallelujah) and food
  8. Polly’s at the Pier iced coffee in St. Croix
  9. Aruba beach resorts and cocktails with friends- insane views

10. Curacao shops, town, colorful architecture, & the moving lit up bridge

11. Bonaire Spice beach club and 3 mile run on the coast

12. Trinidad botanical gardens

13. Tobago snorkel and glass bottom boat with passengers

14. Valentine’s Day goodies from all of my valentines J

15. Pinnacle dinner, formal night, and star gazing with Brit

16. Valentine’s Day Ball- dancing the night away with the crew and cast

17. Devli’s Island nature and hike

18. Soon to follow…… AMAZON AND BRAZIL!


I haven’t felt more free or happy in my life. Thank you God for this blessing of a job. I can’t believe I get to do what I do every day.

Thanks for letting me ramble as always!



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