Traveling On

Greetings from up in the air! I am currently on my flight to Los Angeles, California for my next big journey. Boy oh boy, does life have a way of making me feel small sometimes. I took off from New York City after a blessed week of saying goodbye to friends (lots of tears and emotional hugs included) and as the plane soared higher, I watched the skyline disappear before my eyes so quickly–within seconds we were above it all. I thought of all the lives on our planet and how focused we get on our own lives when there are SO many lives to think about other than ours. There are so many people on our tiny earth that trying to make a living, receive an education, start a family, to achieve a dream, to fall in love. In the end, we all want the same things… to be happy, to be loved, to make others smile, to be successful at something we enjoy, to spend time with those closest to us. Our whole lives revolve around bettering ourselves and bettering our situations.
So here goes a tiny portion of my life that is one story out of billions. My story is unique to me because no one else has the same one. And that’s so brilliant to think about. This exact phase in my journey is one short chapter out of my lifelong novel. I am very thankful and excited for this chapter that God designed perfectly for me. I am 22, doing what I love, with no true obligations or responsibilities, no truly permanent home, no romantic attachments, no medical or physical issues, and I have a bowl full of opportunities in front of me. Talk about an abundance of blessings—I hit the jackpot. So as I fly to Los Angeles to meet my Holland America Cast and begin 8 hour rehearsals 6 times a week, I can’t help but feel God winking at me with assurance. Every person, every decision, every dance class, every school, every teacher, every encounter, every audition, every prayer, every book, every song, every moment has led me right to this point. So thank you to those of you who have taken part in my journey on this tiny earth. Although I may feel small and although I am one person with one small story, I couldn’t feel BIGGER.
Special thank you’s to everyone who bid adieu to me this week: my BG family, my Naples friends, UF folks, Thetas, and my sweet roommates. You all know how to make a lady feel loved.
God Bless,
Kayley Jayne

“Silhouette seasons and far-away reasons are all I have now
Borders can keep me if Rio will have me to dance and to drown
Take to the harbor like sails to set
Sleep for the evening in failed regret
Hold on to skylines of pale and coal
Clouds on horizons and love to grow old

On the way I will go
Where the days left to breathe
Are not gone, are still long
I am traveling on

Love is a hazard in lower Manhattan
You cannot escape, and musn’t be saddened
By men who abandon your eyes for another’s
There are always Brazilian boys to discover

Set your sights straight now
Don’t forget pain
Drink ’til tomorrow becomes yesterday
Think of the shorelines you have yet to see
Men who will hold you with eyes you believe

On the way I will go
Where the days left to breathe
Are not gone, are still long
I am traveling on

On the way I will go
Where the days left to breathe
Are not gone, are still long
I am traveling on”

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