Starting Fresh

Hello dear friends!

Well, another chapter has closed. ‘Les Miserables’ ran for 20 shows and had such a successful impact on the Naples performing arts community. We had many audiences filled to the brim with tears, we had standing ovations, we had many cast bonding moments, and most of all we had the privilege of telling one of the most beautiful stories ever told in music form. It was the most incredible show I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on, with the most loving cast I’ve ever worked with, and the most passion I have ever had while performing on a stage. None of us actors got paid to do what we did for 2 and a half months (rehearsal and shows included) and that was one of the most amazing aspects of it all. Doing it for LOVE.                      As they all say, with the closing of one door comes an opening of another, so hopefully with some positive energy underway, one of my upcoming auditions will turn into a job! In the meantime though, I’ve been doing some simple, enjoyable hobbies- cleaning, unwinding, and for the first time in my life– cooking. If any of you readers know me well, you know that I have ZERO patience and I hate cooking. Well, that was until Pinterest and other bloggers began to inspire me. I have now decided to try a few easier recipes that I found. And already, I have started to feel the pride of a darn good meal! I always have hated vegetables growing up so I normally have to drink pressed juices or put them in omelets in order to eat them. So instead of doing what I normally do I happened to find two recipes with veggies in them that I actually might enjoy. WHaBAM I improvised and turns out I love veggies and I love cooking and I can make HEALTHY dishes for a reasonable price at the store.

Here’s to trying new things, enjoying some fresh air, appreciating a healthy body. Here’s to love, here’s to family, here’s to delicious food that we are blessed to be able to eat. Here’s to the end of a summer full of growth, exploration, patience, trusting in God, and getting to know myself a little better. Here’s to many memories with wonderful people that I made the past couple months, and here’s to the journey ahead.

Photos from the weekend: Family BBQ, fresh flowers, my Gainesville visit, friends visiting naples, yoga, sisters birthday, new car, new recipes, friends, passages from my new novel I finished reading called “Brida,” and more.

-Kayley Jayne


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