Dance It Out

Hello Readers!
These past few months I’ve been teaching at my old dance studio doing intensives every day and plenty of conditioning, leaps, turns, and combinations. I have had the chance to work with some wonderful, hardworking teenagers who I will miss dearly when this summer comes to a close. What has been the biggest blessing of all is seeing how much the dancers have improved over the summer and how much I really feel that dance was meant to be a huge part of my life. Every day that I open the door to the studio an opportunity presents itself. An opportunity to create, to breathe, to think, to let go, to be one with God. Dancing is truly the most beautiful thing. Please take a look at my new choreography on my youtube channel!
There are 5 or so new videos of the girls doing my choreography or me and my friends just messing around. Being able to teach and do this during the day while performing Les Miserables at night has been so theraputic for me. I can feel myself building the foundation for my future and there is nothing more exciting than knowing God has something in store for you soon to come.
Blessings to all!

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