Healthy Living

Every now and then we all have to wipe our slate clean and start over. Whether its by getting rid of negative energy, crappy food in our diets, too much technology overload, or simply just winding down to catch our breath–we all need to re-boot occasionally. A week ago, my sister returned home from her mission trip in Haiti and we decided to do just that. We loaded up on fruits, veggies, and protein at the grocery store and made the decision to cut out nasty food from our eating habits for a little while. In addition to that, I decided to add yoga back into my workout/daily regimen and pick up more books and make some personal goals for myself. Making my body and mind happy is a wonderful priority this summer and I’m already reaping the benefits. My energy is higher, my workouts have become easier, and my mind is more at ease. At home, my family was set back by my grandfather in the hospital and we all were caught off guard by it. Therefore, keeping my heart happy was detrimental so that I could stay strong for my grandfather. After a week in the hospital he was just released and is doing much better thanks to many of your prayers and thoughts. Needless to say, during harder times I think looking after yourself is very important. Loving oneself helps you love others more profoundly. So live healthy, and live happy. Life is too short not to!




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