Mother’s Day and More

My oh My, Naples you are WARM!

Not a day goes by that the beach is tempting me. If it weren’t for me needing to be pale for ‘Les Miserables’ I would be on the beach every day! That, and the fact that I don’t want bad skin when I’m older… May has been cloudless! Blue skies every day, sun pounding in the sky, plenty of dry heat. I adore it for now, but I am a little worried about June and July if May is already this hot. Rehearsals have been going well and I finally (after two weeks) unpacked my college belongings! Joy. Lately most of my routine consists of eating, cleaning, errands, acting, dancing and singing! I am hoping to tackle my May and June goals list very soon though. I made a point of challenging myself to read, do yoga, take ballet class, donate, volunteer, and really work on myself this summer. So I better get going! I think for a few weeks I might stay away from the computer and phone as much as possible so that I can fully detox my mind and get into a refreshed mindset for the challenges to come in the fall. So this may be the last post for a little while. Hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day and a pleasant week! Below are a few highlights of my first couple weeks at home: – a photo from my niece and sister, a beautiful day at the Port Royal Club with friends, Mother’s Day brunch, a grad photo of my mom in 1976 next to my grad photo in honor of mother’s day, and my grandmother’s beautiful 1960 Chanel bag from Paris handed down to me. (swoon, I cried…)

God Bless,



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