Here it is! The annual Birthday blog post.

I can’t even begin to describe the amazing week that was last week. Not only was it my 22nd birthday on Tuesday, but it was SENIOR Week for Kappa Alpha Theta– meaning every night contained a series of shenanigans. Monday was bar golf at midtown among my wonderful pledge class (PC09 oh so FINE holllaaaaa) Tuesday was sake bombing at TATU, Wednesday was a social with a fraternity, Thursday was Piano Bar, and so on. Needless to say, on top of all my birthday festivities, there were a lot of reasons to celebrate.

My birthday couldn’t have been a bigger success. They all said after 21 its all downhill but for me, I’m feeling great things and great change coming my way. Not to mention, I think my 22nd celebration was quite possibly more fun than my 21st. Birthday’s aren’t a big deal to some people, but to me they are an excuse to spend time with the people I love the most in my life.

My favorite moments: The seniors singing to me at midnight, Kristen surprising me at midtown with cupcakes at midnight, waking up to my little sister bringing me Bay Island Coffee and flowers, Cass also taking me to flying biscuit for breakfast, my roommate’s home made carrot cake cupcakes (my fave), my Musical Theatre class harmonizing “Happy Birthday” to me, a romantic dinner at Stonewood with Danny, getting free champagne at Tatu and spilling it everywhere, 60 people at my apartment for senior sash night and my birthday, my amazing frame and brownie cheesecake from my little, having to kiss Danny for an entire song at Piano Bar, dancing and singing old classics with my best friends all night, and finishing the night off with domino’s pepperoni pizza (typical). Let’s just say I was high on life the entire week and unable to wipe that huge smile off my face. I am blown away by the love and warmth that surrounded me last week and how many people cared to make me feel special on my birthday. So a big THANK YOU to my family, friends, thetas, boyfriend, sister, theatre and dance family for truly showing me that I wouldn’t be who I am without you.  By meeting all of you and surrounding myself with people like you all every day, I think I have completed what was most important in my undergraduate experience.


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