Spring Fling: 10 things

Hello from Naples!
I just drove home in the middle of the week to audition for Les Miserables in my hometown community theatre where I grew up acting. I figured after graduation before I move to the big apple I might as well spend one more summer at home and perform, work, and most importantly spend time with family.

Anywhooooo, the past few weeks have been filled with springtime fun! Things I’m loving right now:

1. TULIPS TULIPS AND MORE TULIPS! I bought some for our apartment along with some eggs and baskets to make springtime feel more present.

2. Mimosas!

3. The beach- it couldn’t be more pleasant in Naples at the moment, sunny but no humidity. A nice breeze and no sweat!

4. Easter vacation Weekend with the family

5. The flying biscuit veggie scramble- I crave it daily.

6. Sweet surprises from Danny (mm pinot grigio) and cuddles with Gracie (meow)

7. Having an occasion to dress up- Theta Formal 2013, and a cute vintage photo of me and my friend Anna going to a play! Love polaroids!

8. An old picture of my Pops and Grandy from the 1950’s! So fashionable and they both look so young and vibrant! (Note: See where I get my height from?)

9. Birthday Cake and Cheesecake for my 22nd birthday (early celebration) from mommy!

10. An adorable text from my Grandmother about my audition- she just learned to text!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter or passover with your loved ones! May April bring you plenty of spring showers and blooming blessings!


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