By Your Side

Time is FLYING. And I mean FLYING. 

I thought I had so much time until my undergraduate graduation, but no– I have a mere 5 weeks left. 5 weeks, knowing me, will pass before I can even say ‘Go Gators.’ With graduation approaching, there’s so many emotions going through my heart and mind. Fear, excitement, curiosity, love, worry, joy, liberty, pressure, failure, success– you name it, I’m feeling it. Amidst all of my confusion and wonder, I’ve found peace in one thing– God. God alone is keeping me from letting all of these emotions take over too strongly. 

        I had the craziest, most powerful dream I’ve ever had a few days ago that still has stuck with me. I don’t remember any details about where I was or who I was with or why, but I know I was following a man the entire time, trying to find something– something big and important. At the end of the dream just before I woke, the man who was leading me around the whole time turned around and handed me a drivers license with his picture on it and his information. His name on the card? Jesus Christ. The man I had been following throughout my scavenger hunt in the dream, was Jesus himself, yet didn’t reveal Himself to me till the very end. (This may be too spiritual and too much for some of you readers but I am simply stating what my dream entailed and how it affected me in the most amazing way.) I awoke feeling unstoppable. It all made perfect sense. Everything about my fear of the future, my concern with what’s going to happen for me in the next coming years– it vanished with this one clear message. Although I’ve been off track countless times and made a numerous amount of mistakes in my life, Jesus has always been with me. Whether or not I choose to follow His will at certain times, He still walks with me and does not leave my side. And even when I doubt Him, challenge Him, ignore Him, and forget about Him– He never does the same. He remains. The Man that turned to me and that was with me throughout my “search” made me remember the most important and incredible news there is. I can fully put my trust in something Higher. I have a bright path ahead of me and I have nothing to fear. Thank you God for showing me daily that I am made strong through You.

“And I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling.”

1 Corinthians 2:3

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