Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

Well hello there, it’s been a mighty long time since I’ve blogged. WordPress was starting to scare me with threats of ceasing my blog for good and I was going to allow it to happen, but then I thought to myself… where does all this go if I discontinue glimmerandglamour.com? This blog has not only been somewhat of a journal for me, but it’s also been documentation of my growth, thoughts and experiences. And I care a little too much about it to just let it go -POOF-*! So here I am blogging once again.

With that said, HOW WAS EVERYONE’S SPRING BREAK? I’ve seen countless pictures all over social media of all my tan, beautiful friends with cocktails in hand and bikinis on deck. Everyone I know was thrilled for a break from shows, schoolwork, and stress. But where did spring break go? Personally, I blinked and it was over. Not okay- considering I only have 2 months left of undergrad and that was probably my last real “Spring Break” ever. But Oh well, time flies when you’re having fun! And fun was what I definitely had. The end of February and beginning of March were beautifully spent for me. I went to Disney with my dad and sister, prepared for SETC auditions, took plenty of dance classes, snowboarded and relaxed in Utah with my wonderful family, read 5 new books, got some new clothes, and last but not least, competed against an array of talented theatre students and got 3 callbacks at SETC (Southeastern Theatre Conference). It was exhilarating being at the dance call and knowing that I was ready for anything that they threw at me. I felt super confident going into it and ended up getting called back by my first choice company which casts for non-union national tours (mostly large scale musicals). SETC showed me that I can succeed as a dancer in this business if I keep pushing, auditioning my ass off and learning. What a blessing spring break was– a perfect balance of family, relaxation, snow, sports, food, hard work, dancing, and rewards.

Spring is now in full swing. Bright colors, cocktails, and good weather is abundant. Florida is stunning in the springtime and I intend on taking full advantage of the pool these next couple months. And before I know it I’m turning 22! crazy.

Happy SPRING loves. May yours be in full bloom.

Pictured below: disney with the fam, a night out with Danny, family ski break in Utah, my loved ones, coffee and MLK by my pool, my talented friends at SETC with me, my new book collection that I finished over break (nerd), and my new items in my closet–why do I buy so much black??


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