Love: All Shapes and Sizes

February is known as the month of love– mostly because of the dreaded or beloved (depending on your opinion) Valentine’s Day. When one thinks of February, they think of champagne, chocolate, flowers, balloons, teddy bears, dates, romance, passion, cold fronts, (If you’re a Floridian) snow (if you’re a northerner) big hugs and sweet kisses. If there’s anything I came to appreciate this month it is the abundance of love around me that is shown in so many different ways. Love is a part of my daily routine and this month, I observed how love really does make its way into our lives in so many forms. It comes in all shapes and sizes. This month, I dare you to reflect on how you’ve experienced love in your life. For me, it can be anything: my roommate leaving me a note, a homemade dinner by my parents, a voicemail from my grandfather, a ride from a friend, encouraging words from my team or a teacher, a card in the mail, candy from an acquaintance, spending hours on my couch with my sister while down with the Flu, snuggling with my man, performing with a team you’ve worked hard with, facetiming with family, delicious chocolate gifts,

morning and evening kisses, embraces from the twins, laughing with my sorority sisters, a touching Bible verse, a hand picked flower from Danny, a compliment from a stranger, a sweet text message, looking at old picture memories, or simply just a prayer of gratitude to my loving God. Love is everywhere, and I hope all of you don’t have to look too far to find it. Happy February.




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