Soul Searching

Hey friends,

Lately I’ve had a lot of time to myself to enjoy my own thoughts. Oftentimes we all get swept up in our routine of school, work, and social gatherings, and we forget to cater to our own mind. Reflection is so healthy. Reminiscing through old photos, journaling, and thinking about the beautiful things in life are wonderful things to do every now and then. So often we are caught up in the PHYSICAL elements of life: our bodies, our city, our friends, our relationships, our clothes, our cars, our materials, our work, our environment. But erase all that and look at the SPIRITUAL elements of life– the things that you cannot see or touch or hold: love, connection, happiness, identification, wonder, expression, wisdom, hope, and most of all faith. These things are so precious to us. In fact, if we lost all of our human senses we would only have our spiritual elements. So why do we focus so much on the physical instead of the spiritual? Bad habit? It’s time to change that. I challenge myself and you all to look inside yourselves this month instead of being so observant of the outside. Spend some time with your thoughts and innermost feelings towards this earth, these people, this world. Afterall, Life is beautiful, but not to the eye– to the heart.

Happy Friday everyone,



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