Champagne Showers

Is Christmas really over? Is it really 2013?! Do I really have to go back to school in two days?

Unfortunately the answer to all of these questions is yes, indeed. The Holidays truly just get better and better every year. This Christmas was full of celebrations and love. The festivities included: several holiday feasts, Christmas caroling, reuniting with my entire high school, game nights, wine and cookie indulging, family gatherings, thoughtful and beautiful presents, naples sunsets, and holiday movies. Next– New Years Eve! I drove 2 hours across state to spend 3 days with my second family, the Fuentes’. We had endless fun salsa dancing, eating delicious food, and relaxing at home. I was very thankful to receive my New Years kiss once again from my handsome Columbian.

New Years is always one of my favorite holidays because of the fresh feeling that comes with it. When the clock hits midnight every year, I can’t help but feel a rush of excitement and curiosity. This year, more than ever, I don’t know what to expect from 2013. As graduation approaches, I wonder where I will be, who I will meet, and how I will grow in the coming year. Although many of these things are unanswered and up in the air at the moment, I can tell that God’s plan for me is slowly and beautifully going to unravel. 

Already, 2013 has brought me a new sense of confidence and fearlessness. With that said, here’s to change, new adventures, challenges, creativity, and love in the coming year. 

Pictured Below: Christmas festivities, Christmas Caroling, my beautiful heart necklace from Danny, Naples sunset on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve kisses and celebrations, Naples views, and a moment to myself at the Ritz to read and sip on some Pinot next to the piano, and lastly, my sweet brother smiling for the camera. I am surrounded by such love.

Love you all and safe travels back to your work or school destintations!


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