I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Tis the SEASON! I have finally finished my fall semester of classes. As much as this is supposed to be exciting, it is also rather scary and sad as I only have ONE MORE SEMESTER left of Undergrad. This means one more semester to sleep in, get crazy on weeknights, eat late night pizza, take theatre and dance classes, and spend time with those I love the most. GULP. Let’s not think about that otherwise this blog will become foggy as I begin to sob. Anyways, onto the good news! I’m done! After a week and a half of tests, final acting 3 and directing scenes, final papers, french dictations, ballet christmas variations, my Danza Show and what not, I have finished by long to-do list! The last week and a half, although very stressful was quite fun. I am one of those people that LOVES being busy at all times. If I sit at home doing nothing on my ass for too long, not only do I feel fat and unproductive, but I feel unhappy. I have to be moving, thinking, doing, or dreaming. So, needless to say I truly enjoyed the craziness that went on in the School of Theatre and Dance. On top of all my academic excitement, I celebrated Danny’s 21st birthday by making him a scavenger hunt around Gainesville, taking him to dinner, and bringing him to St. Augustine again to re-live last year’s magic. And last but not least, my favorite moment of all this past week: GREAT GATSBY 2012! Every year, Kappa Alpha Theta has a semiformal in the theme of the roaring twenties including: flapper dresses, beads, feathers, and suspenders. I am a huge fan of old school music, vintage clothing, and red lipstick, so this semiformal always excites me the most. Arielle and I hosted our first Gatsby pre-party this year and had all of our friends and their dates over to our Christmas Winterwonderland of an apartment. It was flawless. Good friends, classy dames and gents, pictures by the tree I decorated, wine, cocktails, and some Buble and Sinatra in the background of course. It was like a vintage prom. We drank, ate, and danced the night away and I truly will never forget how magical it all was. Me, Danny, my dear friend Brian, and my sis woke up the next morning and told stories of our nights while sipping some coffee. Couldn’t have been better.

Now begins Christmas break!! I pulled into Naples yesterday afternoon and was welcomed by my mother and the whole house lit up and smelling of pine and candles. I ended the night with a glass of red wine and cheesecake with my dad at Bravo and then watched a movie and passed out. Boy have I missed my family, my cozy bed, the beach, and the food here. Cheers to a fabulous fall semester successfully completed and a glamourous Holiday Season to come!

Below:  Our perfect Christmas Tree at APT 201, Danza Showcase 2012, Danny’s 21st, a text that made me smile during my crazy week, Great Gatsby 2012


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