A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

Tis the season !

It’s ALMOST DECEMBER! yipeee! Best month of the year! I must say though, after the November I’ve had, December will have a lot to live up to. This month has been so filled with love, feasting, family, and friends– all of my favorite things!! I had a lovely vacation in Georgia and North Carolina visiting family. We ate till we couldn’t fit in our jeans, went on several hikes, took a boot camp class, played bowl of nouns, and went on mountain walks under the stars. It was a perfect Thanksgiving. As usual I was reminded of how thankful I am. Now comes another exciting month! Ah, yes December. The month of jolly old Saint Nicholas, mistletoe, baby jesus, eggnog, peppermint bark, holiday parties, baking and presents! I am so looking forward to every second of it.

To all you students, good luck with your last few weeks of classes and finals. “FINISH STRONG”– as Tebow would say. ❤

In the meantime, here are a few snapshots of my thanksgiving break and a few of the things I celebrated being thankful for this year ! 1. Family, family, and more family 2. God’s beauty       3. Mother Nature 4. Family hikes and wilderness exploring 5. The Fuentes Family 6. Cold Weather 7. THE GATORS BEATING THE SEMINOLES!! heck yessss. UF>FSU forever. Great senior year present thank you Santa 8. Putting up Christmas decorations at the farmhouse with my momma 🙂

God Bless, much love to all of you, 





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