Spooky, Scary, and Spontaeous

Hello hello, 

I am currently sitting on my white comfy couch in my apartment watching back to back episodes of Sex & the City after a great morning ballet class. Cant complain! Everything is going wonderfully in Gainesville. In fact, the Gator Nation has been very much alive due to our undefeated season and lovely football weather. ESPN college game day came to our campus last week and the buzz around campus was contagious. Everyone woke up bright and early to line up in front of the cameras and the sports commentators. After all the pre-game excitement, University Avenue was loud and wild as usual and we tackled another SEC team once again. South Carolina lost the fight against the pumped up Gators and the stadium was the loudest I’ve heard it all year. Needless to say, the student newspapers and social media have been booming. Fall is nothing without football season, after all. 

   In other exciting news, I’ve been doing a great job of getting in the halloween spirit! With all of my favorite holidays approaching, I decided to make time to do all the things you do as a kid to celebrate. I have tried out haunted houses and haunted trails, I’ve been indulging in plenty of pumpkin reeses, carving pumpkins, buying decorations, dressing up whenever I get the chance, wearing plenty of scarves and boots as the colder weather creeps in, and making plenty of time for holiday parties. It’s crazy how this time of year truly makes me the happiest. Reasons why it brings me such joy: the weather, the large consumption of food, the abundance of sweets, the millions of opportunities to dress up, and most importantly, the time spent with our family and loved ones. I hope you all are getting ready for the Holidays and are figuring out what you want to be this Halloween! I’m about to raid my dance box and my closet for some ideas. Best of luck everyone, and happy spooky October!


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