“There’s No Business Like Show Business”

This week I have performed my ass off! From tech rehearsals, to acting 3 scenes, to directing scenes, to dance practices I have had my game face on all week– and i LOVE IT. Wednesday was our big competition between panhellenic sororities called Surf Frenzy. My sisters and I had worked for several weeks on the theme, choreography, costumes, cleanliness and energy and it all came down to 5 minutes on the huge Phillips Center stage. The moment we stepped on the stage for our performance I felt the familiar rush of nerves and adrenaline that I love so much. Within seconds, as the curtain was closed for us to prepare, I heard the buzzing, incredibly loud and loving sound of a ton of Thetas cheering for us. It got louder and louder…. “THETA-THETA-THETA–THETA!!!” And then it hit me, this is the last time I will be competing as a dancer for my sorority. The music turned on and I gave it my all in that bittersweet moment.  I felt so much adrenaline, love, nervousness, and passion on that stage with my sisters. It sounds corny and cliche but there is something so magical about performing with people who have been such a big part of your life for 4 years. That night, I saw so many incredible dances. Each sorority impressed me immensely. They all had brilliant dancers, brilliant choreography, and intriguing themes. Shout out to my friends in other houses- you all are winners in my eyes. Most rewarding/shocking of all—- KAPPA ALPHA THETA WAS AWARDED SECOND PLACE. I couldn’t believe it and I still can’t! I hugged my friends and screamed and cried and ran up to pick up our surf board trophy. We had worked hard and it paid off 🙂 

After a chaotic, wonderful Wednesday came today– a fantastic Friday that marks the opening of Urinetown!! There is something truly amazing about opening nights in the theatre world– the excitement, the anxiety, the nerves, and all of the elements coming together finally in front of a full audience! My favorite song from Kiss me, Kate the Musical is “Another Opening, Another Show,” and I can’t help but sing it every time I witness a show opening. Live laughter, applause, and reactions is what us actors LIVE for! It feeds us, excites us, and inspires us. Tonight will be another emotional moment for me as I have my last opening in a college show. After Urinetown the Musical, my real world theatre journey begins and I have no idea where it will take me. So for now, I’m enjoying every moment of these costumes, make up, scenes, songs, lights, sounds, and applauses. I’m soaking up every second of my last show as a student, from the moment the house opens to the final bows. 

  Happy Weekend everybody!!! GO SEE URINETOWN THE MUSICAL (UF Constans theatre call the box office or buy tickets at ticketmaster.com) 




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