My dear friend Emily happens to be a fantastic Photographer and has decided to pursue a personal business. She has photographed me three times and each time you can see her beautiful soul through her work. These shots happen to be my absolute favorite of me that she’s done so far. We had an hour to ourselves in the School of Theatre and Dance so Em and I had a blast capturing the beauty of ballet. Although I might not be the most technical or advanced ballerina, I had such a wonderful time posing for her and doing what I love most. Thank you to my beautiful, kind friend for photographing me in my favorite building on campus. You are so talented and I wish you the best with your career. CHECK OUT EM’S AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY and browse through her blog!

Emily Katharine Photography

In a leotard and workout shorts, Kayley turned on the music and spent thirty minutes warming up. Her body stretched as she shifted her legs and arched her back. I was in awe. Leaps, splits, stretches, and twirls. I clicked away and tried to capture the beauty of her body. I don’t believe I did it justice. After a quick change she donned her point shoes and I was stunned as she balanced, never losing composure.

I can see that “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” -Martha Graham


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