Waves Rolling In

   Hello friends!
          I’ve been slacking big time posting this year but I will try and get in the habit to post more! I’ve been so happy lately that I have sun shining out of my ass. 🙂 —Sorry for the language. School has been fabulous. I love every single one of my senior year classes and I’m moved and inspired by all of my teachers.  URINETOWN has been a privilege– every day is such a blast working on the production and I am in love with every one of my cast members. We are constantly surrounded by laughter, love, and positive energy which means this show is definitely going to be a success. I went home last weekend to work at my dance studio and make some mulah$$ and ended up getting to have some blissful quality family time at the beach ( two of my favorite things). And on top of all that, I have been taking every opportunity to have fun and go out and be a goof this year. I have been relaxing more about work and getting things done, spending time with those who matter most to me, taking nothing too seriously, and enjoying living and being young, alive, and free. (cheesy but oh so true) With this new sense of “easy living,” everything comes more naturally and I am more productive and happy than I’ve ever been at school. Its fantastic.

With all that said, here are a few snapshots of the happiness that has been filling my life. Shout outs to the cast of Urinetown, my incredible family, my Thetas, my besties, Matt & Alison, and Danny for making these past few weeks so damn fun. I love you all. 



ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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