A Wonderful Blur

I think this is the largest gap of silence I’ve had thus far on this blog. GEESH Senior Year has me running around like a madwoman. Things are back in full swing here in Gainesville. My schedule is 17 credits full and I have filled my extra time with friends, UF organization obligations, and rehearsals off the ying yang. I made the cast of Urinetown the Musical (ensemble), got re-involved with Danza, and I’m choreographing on a weekly basis for Theta or my dance studio–aka my mind is spinning. MY DAYS ARE BLURRING TOGETHER….. In a good way!

       To be honest, I’ve always preferred a busy, non-stop day to a calm, low key one. But the only disadvantage to a fast paced life is how quickly moments can pass you by. As a senior I keep trying to slow things down and enjoy the moment, relish the freedom, and have as much fun as humanly possible. Unrealistic, sure–but a girl can be social and productive if she wants to be! Since I have WAY too much to catch up on, I’ll simply share a few of my favorite moments from my first couple weeks at school. These include: nights out on the town, Recruitment 2012, Theta Love Week, Motown Night, and our first Gator Game day. 

These past few weeks have proven to me how amazing this year is going to be. I feel like a lucky, lucky gal to be able to call these people my friends and to call this campus my home. Sending best wishes to all of you, thanks for being patient with me and making me feel loved every day!- Stay Glamourous! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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