This one goes out to all of you Gainesvillians– I know you can relate to this post.

WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK in the gator nation and I am bleeding orange and blue all over again.

Tis the “last shabang” as they call it– SENIOR YEAR. The year when you do everything and anything in the book just to take advantage of being young, stupid and free. The year of “did I really do that?” “What exactly happened last night?” “How much is in my account? Is there enough for a bottle of wine?” “Who wants to go to Bento?!” “Munchies pizza at 3 A.M. sounds like a genius idea” “Where’s my roommate and why isn’t she in her bed?..” “Who WANTS pizza????” “There’s free food? I’m down.” “5$ all you can drink? lets go.” “Who WANTS PIZZA?” “What fraternity are you in?” “How old are you?…..–> Β A Freshman. Oh, bye.” “Oh I know that girl but I don’t really know if she knows me…” “Anyone craving pizza?” and lastly, “Are you going out tonight?”

The college-isms are never-ending and the memories are worth every penny. I can already predict the millions of stories I will have in my journal by the end of May.

I moved into my spanking new apartment on Tuesday night with the help of my family and friends and a HUGE PENSKE truck to haul my furniture in. The finished product is what I like to call a princess cave. My room is soft, elegant, and makes me feel like audrey hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m in love with the whole space, my wonderful chic roommate, and her precious kitten. The package deal couldn’t be better. I’m one grateful, humbled gal to have such a fabulous year ahead of me. Time to open a bottle of wine to christen the apartment and kick back on the white couch. Good luck to the rest of you Gainesvillians moving in this week, especially to you sorostitutes who have to be here early for “spirit week” or in my case, Theta Love Week. Cheers to the orange and blue, the good ole swamp and my dear gators.



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