Feel Good

You know that feeling when you’re driving, windows down, and your favorite song comes on, causing you to start belting without a care in the world?

Or the feeling of leaving a really good movie and you can’t stop thinking about it…

Laying on the grass or the sand and letting your mind wander for a few hours while the sun soaks into your skin…

The feeling of coming home to your family or siblings and sitting down for a yummy meal while catching up and telling funny stories…

Or maybe its seeing your best friends and grabbing a drink and dancing like a kid..

These are my “feel good” moments, as I call them. And lately, I’ve had a lot of them. SInce Cass and I got home, we’ve been doing all of our favorite things–boating, eating, laughing, spending time with the twins, talking and loving on our parents, seeing old friends, taking yoga classes, cooking with our grandparents, and just feeling young and great. My feel good moments have piled up these past few weeks and I am so thankful for every single one of them. These last moments of summer are so blissful and so precious that I am trying to not let a second go by where I am unappreciative.

Hence why I am off to the beach today to get one last day of sunbathing in before we head to NC for the final stretch of summer. TIME TO GET SOME TAN LINES while reading and sweating like a sponge.

Much love from southwest FL,



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