Well New York City, 

It’s that magic time. My journey has come to a close. I have been a walking sob-fest today due to the fact that I don’t want to believe my time is done here and I can’t contain my emotions in public. In a nutshell, I hate goodbyes. Every time I leave my family, school, friends, or a new city–I lose it. Not because I know I won’t ever see them again, because more than likely, I will; but because at that moment in time, I am forced to leave something that has made me learn, love, and grow. 

This city and the friends and relationships I have made this summer have transformed me for the better and its going to be extremely hard to get on that plane tomorrow. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do– and I have one more year of undergrad to live up!! In the meantime, I am eating some fabulous NY pizza, finishing a bottle of Chardonnay, packing, and goofing off with my roommates one last time. Even though my internship and summer has ended, I know that this is not my last time in the city. In fact, I think the next time I will be back it might be for good. 🙂 (GASP*)  So instead of saying goodbye, New York, I will simply say, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN ❤

Cheers to a perfect summer full of growth, personal discovery, passion, and change. And most importantly, cheers to the promising, challenging, thrilling year to come. 

Stay Glamourous Folks. -Kayley


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