The Last Stretch

I must be having too much fun in this city because I have been quite bad at keeping up with my blog. Really, though. Hmm where did I leave off? Oh yes, the 4th of July. Last week I only worked a day and a half and boy did I enjoy my time off. Once my family arrived in the city the fun never stopped. My sister and I played with my baby niece and the twins in the room and in the park, ate at wonderful restaurants, and went to the Highline with the whole gang.  The best part of the week for me, was watching Manhattan’s incredible fireworks from a high rise apartment in Jersey City with everyone I love. Our view was indescribable– one that can’t compare to any view I’ve ever had on the fourth. We played patriotic music in the apartment, snacked on crackers, cheesecake and fruit, drank champagne, and hugged one another as the night went on. It was a magical night with a surreal view that made me feel very appreciative of my summer and my family visiting. After my family left, the fun continued. I pampered myself and relaxed for a couple days–saw movies, got a pedicure, laid out in the NYC heat, read books, went to Bryant Park, and enjoyed not having to work. Saturday we had a dinner and dancing cruise on the Hudson that was very memorable. Our whole internship program boarded the Spirit of New Jersey and took a fancy ride around the statue of liberty and along the Hudson at sunset. The views took my breath away once again. We enjoyed a night of good food, dancing, music, the skyline, wine, and even made some new friends from other Dream Careers programs. Finally, Sunday rolled around and I was lucky enough to be asked by my boss if I wanted to accompany him to Book of Mormon on Broadway. Without even the slightest hesitation I said yes. We had a fabulous brunch at Serafina before the show and then sat in our amazing seats. I have to say, I have never laughed so hard. It was wildly inappropriate and hysterically funny. I felt like the luckiest intern in the world being able to see it and go backstage, considering tickets are hard to find and outrageously pricey. SHOUT OUT to Thomas, my kind boss for making the end of my weekend so fabulous.

And so the final stretch begins– the last two weeks of my NYC experience. Although I am really looking forward to my last year at school and seeing my friends again I can’t help but feel really sad leaving this magical city. My boss and colleagues have become a family to me and this city has finally become very familiar and comforting. Most importantly, I am going to miss the independence and drive that fills me when I walk these streets. But with every beginning comes an end that adds to my life’s journey. Our journey is such a beautiful thing and I am only beginning mine. Though this feels like an end I know my time in New York is not done whatsoever. I know that the doors I have opened will benefit me when I return, and that there will be even more doors to open when that moment arrives.

In the meantime, I am going to be gallivanting about this city soaking up every second. Below are pictures of Jersey City, our wonderful view of the fireworks, a stunning day in Bryant Park, brunch at Serafina, and our dinner and dancing cruise on the Hudson. Stay Glamorous!



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