Beginnings, Ends, and Celebrations

My two favorite times during the day in New York City are 6 P.M. and  10 A.M. — the beginning of the day and the end. On my morning walk to work, I can smell freshly brewed coffee on every corner. I see workers dressed in their finest hurrying to their jobs, students carrying large iced lattes to class, and plenty of city-goers with their heads bopping to music as they board the subway or walk 15 blocks to their destination. There is a sense of freshness that makes me eager to start my day with a smile on my face.

In addition to the beginning of the day, the end of the day is equally as riveting. Workers leave their jobs in a haste and head off to the nearest bar to unwind with a beer, glass of wine, or cocktail before heading home after a long day. There is something so intriguing and fun about walking by bars filled with happy hour patrons who just finished a non stop day of work. The chatter is lively, the lights are dim, and the smiles are wide.

Another week has begun in the city and the heat is ever-present. However, this is no ordinary work week. For most New Yorkers, it is a week for celebrating and taking hours off to catch a train to the Hamptons, Long Island, Jersey, or perhaps a flight home to see family for the fourth of July. Yours truly has a 2 day work week! To make matters even better, my family arrived on Sunday and will be here till Thursday! My week, therefore, will be spent exploring the city with my dad, step-mom, the twins, my sister, my brother in law, and my niece. We plan on celebrating the 4th in Jersey City from a friend’s apartment overlooking the river from a rooftop view with everyone, which should be incredible.

So, without further a due, HAPPY EARLY 4TH to all of you! Let the BBQing, drinking, gaming, and debauchery begin. May Your American Pride be in full swing this week and may you return from wherever you are going with a nice tan, a full belly, and a ton of memories.

Stole this little pic from, an adorable, patriotic ensemble for Holiday inspiration. -K.


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