Hello, hello.

Today is a muggy day in the city–rather damp and dark. New Yorkers are sporting their rain boots, dark jackets, umbrellas, and jeans along with a commonplace frown on their face. Let’s face it–no one likes to get poured on while commuting to work. Either way, I woke up rather excited about the rain. Rain, to me, means cooler weather ahead, movie and wine nights, and the opportunity to catch up on my reading. I brought 7 amazing books to the city with me, all have gone untouched– SAD. Anyways, my weekend was spent in the lovely Capitol of Washington D.C. As part of our internship program, we had a prepaid mini vacay to the city to explore the memorials, visit museums, and do some sight seeing. It was another nice weekend away from the city. We stayed in a lovely hotel (nice break from the NYU dorms) spent the sunny Saturday exploring, and had a fantastic dinner at Barcode with a large group of intern friends. We ended the trip with a visit to one of the best, most interesting museums– the Holocaust Museum. In my opinion, this museum was far more interesting than any I had ever been to. I’ve had my fair share of art, history, science, and performance museums in Europe, New York, and D.C., but this one had the largest affect on me. My sister and I couldn’t help but be appalled with humanity and our world’s horrific history after visiting. After studying WWII and taking a Holocaust class at University of Florida, I appreciated this museum more than I ever could have. The artifacts and video footage were scarring but we couldn’t look away. Needless to say, I encourage a visit to this magnificent museum if you get a chance.

        And so I begin week 5 of my internship. WEEK 5?!?!!? I JUST GOT HERE… Today, I am feeling grateful, scared, and happy all at once.       

Grateful because I have learned so much and grown so much in just a short amount of time; because I have undergone some difficult and disappointing changes to my personal life that have challenged me; because I have met new people that I will keep in contact with for the rest of my life; because I have made connections in my workplace that could lead to a successful career in Theatre; because I am independently living in my favorite city filled with amazing restaurants, bars, shows, and performers; and lastly, because I have enjoyed every minute of living with my precious little sister.

   Scared because there are only 4 weeks left of this amazing opportunity; scared because I am afraid of losing my independence and the freedom to go wherever whenever I want and explore; because I don’t want my senior year of college to begin; because living here has changed me in ways that I don’t want to forget; because I will see old friends very soon and the routine of college will start right back up again; and finally, scared because I finally feel productive, purposeful and driven with my future and I don’t want to lose that.

Happy. I feel overwhelmingly happy because I am enjoying getting to know myself. I am happy because I am surrounded by other happy people who are achieving their dreams. Happy because I know that no matter where I go in life or who I spend the rest of my life with, that I will be surrounded by love and God’s company. Because I love myself and that is so important in this life. Because I have the greatest family and friends to walk the earth. Because I am in New York freaking City. Because I am healthy and alive. Because I have seen so many things so far and yet I have so much left to see. Because I am young and I have so much ahead of me.

Grateful, scared, and happy. That’s how I’m feeling today. Sending much love to all of you followers and readers. It means a lot that you care enough to read my words and sink into my thoughts just for a minute of your day. Have a blissful Monday filled with whatever emotions you are experiencing in your heart.



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