Shores of Long Island

Happy Thursday everyone!

Another week has sped right on by me. This whole “real world” thing working every day from 11-5 (I know, not even bad hours) as an intern makes time go by even faster than it already did as a student. Monday was a long, draining, emotional day but I pushed through it and had a home cooked meal with my roommates and sister in the dorm to finish the day off right. Tuesday, after a fantastic day of work, I met up with a sorority sister and good friend of mine named Jessie. We split an appetizer pizza and some wine in the West Village, caught up on life, and on our way home, ran into the ONE AND ONLY Sarah Jessica Parker. That’s right, the woman who defined Sex & the City brushed shoulders with us as she clutched her son’s hand walking down the Bleecker Street. She was wearing a dark raincoat over some shorts and a baggy tee-shirt, no make-up, with her hair up in a sloppy bun, and she could not have looked more effortlessly perfect. Jessie and I squealed with excitement and called our friends and parents as we watched her tiny toned body walk away. Wednesday was even more fantastic. My sister and I were fortunate enough to purchase Dave Matthews Band concert tickets a couple weeks ago. When the clock struck 5 yesterday, we hopped the Subway to Penn Station, took the LIRR to Freeport, and then grabbed a free bus ride to Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island. It was one of the most beautiful concert venues I’ve ever seen. The band shell sits right on the water and the arena sits on the edge of the island overlooking the coast. Upon arrival, we got drenched by some unpredictable rain, so my sister and I bought a DMB hoodie and two ponchos to brave the storm. The adventurous, giddy feeling of seeing our favorite band, rain or shine, was sensational. And God must have been on our side because as soon as Dave’s feet hit the stage, the rain stopped and the weather cleared. Ponchos came off, lights went down, and the crowd went wild. To be honest, it was probably the best concert I have ever been to. My dad and my older sister have been listening to DMB since I was little, so his music sets a rather comforting tone for me. On top of the comfort of his sound, I truly don’t think any other artist or band can compare in musicality. The intonation, sounds, profound lyrics and intruiging bridges in his songs blow my mind. Musically, I think no one besides perhaps Stevie Wonder, can parallel his talent. My sister and I grinned ear to ear and had goosebumps throughout the entire performance. To be there in that venue, sitting in incredible seats, next to my best friend, was a moment I will never forget. Tomorrow, after work, we set out on another wonderful adventure. My mom is flying into Long Island tommorrow to meet my sister and I in Montauk! In the same direction as the Hamptons, Montauk is on the edge of Long Island along the coast, with beautiful Northern beaches surrounding it. We are staying at the ever gorgeous, Gurney’s Inn. I am definitely in need of some quality mother daughter time in the sun, so this weekend could not come at a more perfect time. I can’t wait to be near the water, have delicious meals, and sleep in a comfy hotel bed with my momma after being in a dorm for three weeks. I hope you all have relaxing weekend plans. If not, I suggest making the most of the outdoors, your loved ones, and the fabulous weather.

Stay glamourous. With much love,



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