The City That Never Sleeps

 HELLO friends,

I am going into my third week as a NYC Intern, and I couldn’t possibly be more comfortable here. My absence from blogging is due to this large transition in my life that has been so wonderful and enlightening. Every day, I wake around 9/10 A.M. (depending on whether I hit the gym or not), take the Subway to work in the West Village of Manhattan, stroll into my office coffee in hand, and work with fabulous agents. I call and e-mail actors and dancers about auditions, organize headshots and resumes, run errands, and converse with some incredibly talented people throughout the day. Honestly, its the perfect internship for someone who wants to know more about the theatre-entertainment world that I will enter into post graduation. My bosses and manager are fantastic, funny, genuine, and welcoming. On top of my success at work, my dorm is comfortable and my roommates are loving and a ball to be around. The city feels so comfortable and welcoming to me. Although I’ve grown up going toManhattanquite a bit, it has never felt so right to live here until now. I love walking throughWashingtonSquareParkat the end of a long work day, seeing couples laying and reading in the grass together, grabbing a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, and heading home to NYU dorms to hear the sound of taxi horns and crowds of people outside my window. Life’s little luxuries are even more prevalent in this city. The smallest things like a small jazz quartet on the corner ofMadison Ave, a famous Sabrett hot dog, seeing people in love holding hands everywhere… its impossible not to feel the magic “New York” air. So cheers toNew York City. ThelandofBroadway, the Tony Awards, raving sports fans, dedicated entrepreneurs, go getters, fashionistas, and dreamers. I can’t wait for the next 6 weeks here.

Stay Glamourous.


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