Sin City

My goodness it has been FAR too long since my last post. I am very sorry for slacking in the writing department. Since I left off at Vegas I will begin there! TALK ABOUT ONE HECK OF A WEEKEND… I felt like my life was a constant illusion from one moment to the next. My dad and I arrived on Friday the 18th (a wee bit jet lagged) and set off for Sin City. I couldn’t grasp that we were finally there until we drove through the infamous strip and I set my eyes on the buildings that I’d seen in movies and on TV my whole life. Vegas was even more luxurious and out there than I imagined. We settled into our amazing hotel, Hotel Paris, and then immediately got a fabulous lunch at Mon Ami Gabi, a perfect outdoor cafe outside our hotel. I had a decadent meal salmon and sangria and before we knew it we set off for Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops to do a little retail therapy. I got a new pair of ray ban aviators and a new phone case. (pictured below) Due to our 3 hour time difference and minimal sleep, I caught an afternoon nap before we headed to the top of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant for dinner. It was a four hour, indulgent, food coma inducing meal that I will never forget. What more? We overlooked the strip at night and the Bellagio water show. At 10 we then got our minds blown by the 20 million dollar show “O” by Cirque du Soleil. I truly cannot express the talent and imagery and technology involved in that performance. GO SEE IT. I repeat, go see it, its a must. Saturday we woke, had a yummy breakfast, and headed to the Mandalay Pool to soak up sun and see the pool party people. We were interupted at the pool by a phone call from Julie Bowen, our dear family friend, a cast member and emmy award winner in the hit show “Modern Family.” So we dropped everything, picked up Julie from MGM where she had been rehearsing to host the Billboard Music Awards, and got an hour long lunch with her. I haven’t seen her in 7 years, and this woman never ceases to amaze me. Not only is she a mom of three but she’s hysterical, humble, smart, and grounded. I look up to her in numerous ways and love getting the opportunity to hear about her past and her intelligence in the entertainment industry. After a perfect day, Saturday night we hit up Sushi Samba at the Palazzo Hotel and then went to Ghost Bar and Moon at the Palms hotel to get a little bit of clubbing in. Sunday we wandered around Encore and Wynn Hotels to get a glimpse of their fancy new architecture and presence on the strip and caught a meal at Serendipity 3 before going to the BillBoard Music Awards 2012! The line up was insane. The performers included: LMFAO, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Usher, John Legend, Jordin SParks, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lincoln Park, Alicia Keys, and Stevie Wonder. I was just in awe that I was in the same building as all of these people, let alone getting to see them take the stage LIVE. Throughout the show I just kept looking at my father saying, “thank you” over and over again to express my gratitude and how surreal this all was. It was a perfect end to a luxurious, magical, privileged weekend that I will never forget, and I got to do it all with my best friend in the whole world, my dad. I hope you all, at some point, get to go to Vegas and experience its wonder and its glory. 

In the meantime, I have been in NYC for 5 days now! I am in my dorm at NYU, I have 3 roommates (one of which is my sister) and I have been interning at a Talent Agency from 11-5. Its been one heck of a summer so far and I will continue to update more frequently now that I’m finally settled and getting used to the swing of things. I am in the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams, the city that has called my name since I was born. And boy do I have a lot ahead of me. Bring it on NYC, bring it on. 

Stay glamourous. 


Here are some photos from VEGAS 


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