The “Reset” Button

When I come home for a long stretch of time, I sometimes feel like I am “resetting” my life again. It’s as if everything becomes clearer, my priorities become properly aligned, my body is at ease, and my mind is comforted in knowing that I’m back where it all began. Not to say that college is a bad influence on me, but when I’m home, everything makes sense and decisions become easier and more clear–whereas at school, things can get blurry and repetitive. The cycle of school is in so many ways wonderful because it teaches students time management, dedication, patience, and competition. However the cycle can also cause me to feel lost.

This time at home has been so incredibly needed and wonderful for me. I have been doing lazy activities like reading, tanning, watching TV, cooking, resting and a little bit of yoga/working out/dancing here and there. I feel rejuvenated. I have been getting 7/8 hours of sleep every night, eating fresh food, spending tons of time with family, and enjoying the little things– The giggling of my baby siblings when I tickle them, a warm hug from my father after he comes home from work, watching chick flicks with my mom snuggled in her bed, riding in the car with my sister and talking about life, and praying with my family before a big meal. THOSE are the memories and things I cherish most in this life. Those things are what contribute to my peace of mind, my heart, and my soul. And that is why I feel so at ease right now. The “reset button” has been pushed because I am back in my comfort zone. 

I am ever grateful for this vacationing time with those who matter most to me. 

Hope you all had a fabulous Wednesday. Stay Glamourous!


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