Beach Waves

College really makes you appreciate your loved ones and your home. I swear, the first time I left the nest and came back to my beautiful hometown of Naples, Florida, I was in shock how much I had taken for granted living here. The flawless beaches, the mediterranean architecture, the posh restaurants, my favorite yoga studio, Sunburst breakfast cafe, my favorite coffee shop, Waterside retail shops, Gordon Drive downtown, Naples Ballet Academy– I just can’t get enough of this place. My home feels like a vacation spot; in fact, It is a vacation spot to many snowbirds who vacation here during the winter season. 

The past week at home, I have been unpacking my college boxes of junk, doing yoga, catching up with my family and friends, going to the beach, and unwinding from a busy year. On Monday, me and my 4 best girlfriends decided to have our own mini vacay/girls getaway to Sanibel Island for a day and a half. We piled into one car and made a 50 minute drive to the island and split the cost of a stunning condominium sized room. We stayed at the lovely Sundial Resort, soaked up sun for hours on the beach, had fruity cocktails and homemade sangria (my fave), and went out to a fabulous dinner. The trip was filled with giddy laughter, boy gossip, and pure fun. I’ve known some of these girls since elementary school (some middle school) and we’ve been best friends ever since. The “girl time” we had was cherished, and since we don’t all get to spend time together like this during the year, it was very special…and just what we needed to transition into summer mode. 

This weekend is approaching and I am looking forward to even more downtime, a grad party, a baby shower, and more sunshine. Hope you all are feeling fabulous and getting ready for the HEAT! Here’s to summer and being glamourous!



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