I made it! I survived finals week! I deeply apologize for being completely M.I.A. this past week. I was hibernating in my room, consuming far too much pizza, fast food, coffee, and typing away. I had two papers due this week along with two history tests backs to back which entailed a ton of reading and writing. Though I broke down a couple times due to stress, I finished strong and made my way back to Naples yesterday! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS… ITS SUMMER TIME!

I am so excited for this next chapter of my life and these next few months of discovery. I have a couple weeks at home to enjoy the sun, yoga, family, friends, and tropical drinks. Then, I’m off to Vegas with my Daddy for a belated 21st celebration! (eeeeeeek) Finally, I leave for NYC to begin my Internship with DDO Talent Agency May 25th!!! Life is moving so fast and I am overwhelmed by it all.

In recent news, I came home last night pretty emotional due to stress and the long drive, so I hopped into my mothers bed and caught up with her. To lighten the mood, she showed me the pictures from our mother daughter 21st birthday photo shoot. The pictures came out fabulously. We had the best time laughing, drinking champagne, goofing off, dancing, and just being ourselves. I really think these pictures are the epitome of my family and our love for each other. Hope you enjoy. Lastly, have a fabulous Cinco de Mayo with your loved ones by the pool sippin on a Margarita and soaking up some sun! I know I will!

Stay Glamourous.



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