“Fix You”

My choreography: Danza 2012 Spring Show

For those of you who don’t know, I have danced my whole life. It is part of who I am. I cannot survive without it.
I believe that God created my passion for a reason– to dance through life and show my love for others and for Him through music.
I belong to a student run dance company at UF called DANZA. I have belonged to this company for 6 semesters and I have choreographed a piece for the show for 5 semesters in a row. This semester, I decided to do a highly emotional and spiritual piece about turning to the light for guidance. I was moved by God’s grace and by the fact that no matter how dark the road seems in life, we must remember the light. My dancers and I danced this piece with light and love in our hearts and I can truly say that my soul was filled with happiness on that stage. The show was a great success, and I received many wonderful comments about my piece affecting people, making them cry, or making them smile. I am so grateful for the experience to create such a story with beautiful bodies. Hope you all enjoy my choreography and remember the light in this world.


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