Spring Cleaning

It is that dreadful time of year when we college students are forced to move out of our humble abodes. Whether it be dorms, apartments, or in my case, a sorority house, we students have a whole lot of organizing, lysol-ing, and packing to do when we hit finals week. As if we NEED more stress…

Anywhoo– that’s exactly what I’m taking a break from at the moment. Good ole spring cleaning. My room in Theta is beginning to look strangely bare and less girly. I am finding wads of paper, bobby pins, and trash in every corner; boxes and trash bags are becoming my new best friends; and all the while, I am getting extremely emotional about how quick this year has flown by. It truly seems like yesterday that I was moving into my double twin style room with my wonderful roommate, Micayla. Junior year has come and gone and I’m moving into the scariest, most emotional year yet! (gasp* can’t say it out loud)Β 

Although spring cleaning can be very boring and sad, I have spiced it up a bit by listening to music and channeling my inner OCD. [sidenote: currently obsessing over the new Wiz Khalifa and Maroon 5 song “Payphone”] Once I started cleaning, I couldn’t stop. Sometimes you just get a little too excited with the lysol, ya know?

SO folks, I wish you the best luck with your spring cleaning these next couple weeks! Stay organized, do little by little, and put some good jamz on and boogie. And don’t forget to stay glamourous. πŸ™‚


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