Let Go and Let God

Hey blog fam,

I haven’t been as on tedious and consistent with my blogs lately and I apologize for that. As school comes to a close, the pile of duties becomes quite large. Finals, papers, packing, unpacking, selling books, final performances, etc– the end of the year shenanigans never end. Sometimes I feel as if I need to be in control of everything. I stress myself out by worrying about the future, my career, my choices, my relationships, and my work. I make everything a big deal and oftentimes feel like I have to resolve every single thing in the moment. But at the end of the day, I realize that building things up and making quick decisions about a future that I cannot control is silly. My future is in God’s hands and His hands only. A few years ago I decided to begin trusting God and letting Him take over my life. With that decision comes a wonderful truth. I do not need to worry about my future or harp on my choices when I don’t need to make them. God will show me the way, and He will be my fortress and guidance when I need Him most. There is no rush to life. I don’t need to rush decisions or worry about the future; rather, I need to live iN THE MOMENT, enjoy the present, and take life for what it is. The eb and flow of relationships and trials, as my dad always says, is completely normal. So today, I am letting go. I am putting all my worries and anxieties in God’s hands. He is my guide in this life and I trust in Him. Time to let go and let God do his thing.

Stay glamourous, sending much love today. 



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