Ballet way of life

It is my favorite day of the week! The magic moment when a week ends and another one begins all at the same time. SUNDAY!

The main reason I love Sundays is because it is God’s day– a day when His sons and daughters gather to praise Him. Today was my last day singing with my Gainesville church praise team, so I was very emotional and grateful that my Lord gave me such a wonderful opportunity of singing with such talented, faithful, Godly people. His Grace was ever present at church this morning. After 2 beautiful services I went to breakfast at the Flying Biscuit Cafe with Danny (yumm) and then danced for an hour or so to rehearse for our upcoming UF DANZA show. (April 29th 2pm Phillips Center for free!–BE THERE) I was recently shown this video by a friend this afternoon and I absolutely had to put it on my blog. I fell so in love with how honest the portrayal of a ballet dancer’s life is and how rough and unforgiving the art can be. The beauty, grace and strength that this video presents is truly remarkable. I couldn’t be more inspired and I hope you are too.
Stay Glamourous.

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