Another Year Come and Gone

Well, my third year at the University of Florida is almost over. Junior year has been the best year by far. There is something wonderful and beautiful about establishing familiarity, routine, and your close network of friends that really makes junior year far more enjoyable. After becoming part of the Gator family, finding the perfect sorority for me, establishing my theatre and dance friends, familiarizing with the area, finding my favorite restaurants and bars, I am forced to leave so soon. (well, a year from now) But as sad and terrifying as that is, it is another phase of life that I am grateful for. However fast college has flown by for me, I am so astonished at how much my world has changed, how much I’ve grown, and who has come into my life. Today I am thinking of my fantastic 2011/2012 Junior year and the moments that I will never forget. 

  • Study Abroad Paris Summer 2011- truly the best 6 weeks of my life
  • Canada vacation with family
  • Birth of my perfect niece Harper
  • My sister’s first year at UF
  • Theta Love Week- unforgettable memories with my sisters
  • My sister becoming a Theta!!
  • Getting a role in Chicago the Musical- meeting my wonderful castmates
  • The twins 1st birthday
  • New Orleans Phi Delt Road Trip
  • Surf frenzy dance competition
  • 10/29/11 crush on a hot hispanic man leads to first kiss
  • 11/11/11 with 11 roses, made our wish come true, Danny asks me to be his 
  • Fell in love at downtown St. Augustine
  •  My dad’s surprise 50th birthday party, a night for the books
  • New Year’s eve bash at the NC farmhouse
  •  Harry Potter world/Orlando getaway full of laughter with my babe
  •  2nd place at Beta Bring it On cheer competition
  • Socials galore and fun nights out on the town with my girls
  • The best Valentine’s Day yet
  • Lake Placid/New York/Colorado Spring Break with my loving family
  • 21st BIRTHDAY!
  • Formal/Destination Unknown/ last few days of fun 

These moments are just a few of the many unforgettable memories I made with my loved ones this year. I am so thankful for every blessed second of my youth alongside such wonderful people. With the end of another school year comes another amazing summer full of opportunities. I am looking forward to going home for a few weeks, spending time with the family, and then jet setting off to the big city. My Internship in New York will be a thrilling  experience and I am ecstatic to find out what’s in store for me this summer in the city that never sleeps. Image

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