Dance Therapy

To be blunt, yesterday I was a bitch. 

 I started my day off extremely moody and hormonal and couldn’t seem to shake my anger and edge. I was so cranky and whiny all day long and I hated it because it felt like it was out of my control. My mood was stuck… that is, until I had a long ballet class and a 2 hour dance rehearsal later that night. I instantly lost all my anger, all my tension, and all my selfishness and got lost in the movement and the art that is dance. It is incredible how important dancing is to my survival and to my life. I woke up this morning super sore from all the dancing yesterday and I couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks to some dance therapy and freeing my soul a bit, I was able to do a 180 degree flip and alter my awful mood to a fantastic one. I am so thankful for this hobby that has turned into a desperate need in my life that I cherish more than anything. 

Just gotta keep “dancing through life,”I guess.  Stay Glamourous. 



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