Hello friends, happy Monday!

Although Mondays aren’t always so perky and fun, I am trying to start this week fresh with a productive, Godly mindset. Yesterday at First Assembly church service I was so moved by the sermon by Pastor Mike. His sermon was along the lines of Christianity and the difference between walking with God and walking for God. He brilliantly supported his message by saying how often Christians will rush their quiet time with God or perhaps just pray and converse with God out of duty or fear but not out of pleasure. He stressed delight in the Lord and delight in our relationship with Christ. He compared this relationship to a marriage or relationship, saying, “Why do I not cheat on my wife? Because of my job? Because I have to or she will kill me? Because I like the rewards? Or because I delight in her so much that its not even a thought or option…?” So often, I find myself rushing through prayer, rushing through my quiet time, rushing through my conversations with God. He is not meant to be treated in such a way. In addition to putting Him on the back burner, I feel as if I pray out of fear for my own salvation or out of duty and obligation rather than out of desperate joy and need for his love. This is something that I am going to change, something that I am going to work on fervently over this next week. I know some of you readers aren’t Christians, but perhaps you can interpret this post in your own way and communicate with whoever or whatever you believe in without feeling obligated to this week. Do it out of joy. Out of love. Out of longing.

Enjoy your Monday, and stay glamorous. God Bless. 



2 thoughts on “Delight

  1. My favorite post so far!! And a very very helpful reminder for me!! Amazing how God always places people (or blogs) in your life when you need them 🙂

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