21 years

The day has come!!!!!!!!

I am finally able to drink legally! I honestly don’t know how to explain the extent of my excitement. I am full of nostalgia, giddiness, joy, thankfulness, and wonder today. On top of that, I feel strangely old and somewhat sad that my birthdays to come are going to be far less exciting. However, the small amount of sadness is overpowered by the thrill that I am now able to make adult decisions and go to far more exquisite bars and social sites. Although 18 is the standard adult age in the U.S., I feel as if 21 is far more adult-like. The act of going out for drinks, purchasing wine, and socializing all becomes far more “grown up” when you hit twenty-one. Needless to say, today doesn’t seem real. No joke, I still feel like I am 10 years old– childish, naive, and hooked on pop music and mac n cheese. Then again, I’ve heard from my parents and grandparents that I will always feel that way and my soul will always feel juvenile and youthful. No wonder the expression “FOREVER YOUNG” has become so popular.

Today, I am not only enjoying the terrifying and freeing feeling of growing up, but I am also thinking about my incredibly blessed life and the people surrounding me who I love so dearly. I cannot express how full my heart feels when getting phone calls, text messages, or fb posts from those I love and miss. So I want to use this post to say thank you. Thank you to those I love who are reading this, thank you to those of you blog followers who show your love by reading my posts, and thank you to those of you who have simply made my life so remarkably special. This post is dedicated to you. I love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes. 21 years. AH! Get ready for pictures and stories after the big soiree tonight!!! 

I also hope all of you had a blessed Easter weekend (or passover) with your families, ate lots of chocolate, and spent lots of time with your loved ones. 

Here are some pictures from my fabulous weekend: 1. A delicious peanut butter pie at Swamp with my cousin for my bday dinner  2. Me singing at church on Easter (God is so good, what a beautiful day for praising my savior Jesus) 3.Easter goodies from my daddy! 4. Yummy Easter brunch and mimosas at 101 Downtown with my friend Ashley 5. The best easter/21st gift ever- a 21 egg easter hunt through lake alice with a memory in each egg from my perfect boyfriend–Daniel you are the best thing that’s ever been mine 🙂 I love you


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