The Final Countdown

And so the countdown begins… 6 days until I can legally drink and purchase fine wine, margaritas, and cosmopolitans galore! I keep waking up every morning more excited than the last. With all the excitement only a few days away, much is left to be done! I have a checklist on my desk that is only halfway complete, so my Easter weekend– other than celebrating Jesus, will be spent getting ready for the big event, finishing last minute chores, and pampering myself a little. Here’s a look at my list of preparations before the big day: (the starred duties are ones that I have already taken care of)

1. Hair Color/cut *

2. Spray Tan

3. Limo & Dinner Reservations at 101 Downtown*

4. Perfect Birthday dress purchase*

5. Manicure & Pedicure

6. Bday Accessories

7. Finding a party Hostess/House*

8. Purchasing/providing beverages

9. Eyebrow & bikini wax

10. B-day hairstyle- thanks Morgan for being in charge of styling mine!

Can’t complain, this list is a very enjoyable list of things to do! I am also trying to eat and exercise as best I can in order to be healthy and save room for lots of cake and champagne next week! Here goes nothing…

Hope you all have a fabulous week, stay glamourous!


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