No strings Attached

Well folks, I hit a wall.

Unfortunately that slightly sluggish daze I was in yesterday was a big fat hint that, yup, I’m sick. I barely slept last night due to a high fever, chills, and body aches causing me to lose all comfort. Luckily throughout the night and all day today I had my man to take care of me. Danny went on a medicine, gatorade and soup run and while he was at CVS he picked up a Hunger Games Magazine. Does he know me, or what? [Side note– I love you Daniel for being so wonderful and taking care of me when my parents can’t] While he was gone I did not leave the couch all morning and watched re-runs of Laguna Beach and Gossip Girl. Standard sick collegiate woman move. Oh estrogen πŸ™‚

Today I am not full of enocuragement and happy quotes. I am simply downing as much gatorade and soup as humanly possible and finding as many illegal movie websites as I possibly can. But either way, I will leave you all with something to entertain you or make your day go a little better.

Enjoy and stay glamourous!


Here’s one of my fave movies I was watching this morning. Never Gets Old.

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