10 reasons to smile

Hello friends, 

I’m feeling slightly under the weather today, but I am determined to overcome my sluggishness and get to my classes and the gym. First, I will most likely chug a huge iced coffee followed by a gatorade.

Today, I am enjoying simple pleasures and giving myself reasons to smile, get up, and get going. Since it’s Wednesday and everyone tends to have a typical midweek slump, I thought I would encourage you all to “just keep swimming,” and enjoy your day. I came up with 10 reasons I am smiling today, and if you do the same, perhaps your mood will swing positively too!

10 reasons to smile

1. Waking up next to someone I dearly love

2. Having a perfect pick-me-up, a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee

3. Seeing the weather report on my phone: 80 degrees, sunny, no clouds

4. Calling my dad to wish him a good day and telling him I love him

5. Laughing with my sister in a brief car ride

6. Taking a long shower and exfoliating

7. Eating a healthy, delicious lunch

8. Taking a few moments to write in my journal and read a book

9. Stretching. (As a dancer, its addicting)

10. Cleaning my room and feeling motivated and organized


Come up with your ten reasons to smile and comment! Or just enjoy your day and STAY GLAMOUROUS.





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