A Picture Perfect Weekend

Monday morning,

Everyone’s favorite time of the week!— Yes, that was sarcasm. I know some of you are still recuperating from Ultra Music Festival or wild weekends in Gainesville or at home, so best of luck my dears. It’s time to start a new week fresh and get back to business and school work– but first, I have to reminisce on another perfect weekend. I made another quick visit to Naples on Friday in order to celebrate my 21st birthday a couple weeks early with my family. From the second I arrived at home to the second I left, I was surrounded by the people I love.

After pulling into the driveway my mom and two sisters whisked me away in a town car to Ft. Myers. I was told nothing about where we were going. We sipped on champagne during the ride and after guessing about 50 or so  times as to where we were going, we finally pulled into a photography studio. We walked “Red Door” photography and were greeted by a make-up artist and photographer. My birthday surprise was a girls night photo session with my sisters and mom, and boy did we have fun. We ate mass amounts of fruit and mini sandwiches, got our make up done, put on heels and hammed it up for the camera. We ended up striking several hilarious poses, listening to music, and laughing all night. The pictures turned out so fun and so beautiful (I’ll post them as soon as they are done)!Saturday, my sisters and I went to Bala Vinyasa Yoga in Naples and had a super hard, wonderful power yoga class followed by whole foods smoothies and a brunch at home. After laying out Saturday afternoon, we went to Handsome Harry’s downtown (where I used to/still work as a hostess) and had a large dinner with my grandparents, family, and best friend. The food was beyond delicious and the live music outside was a flawless ambiance as well. The night continued with some champagne toasts, endless laughs, dancing, and loads of carrot cake with my loved ones. I was the most content (early) birthday girl on the planet.

Although I am back in Gainesville and missing my family already, I find myself smiling all day just thinking about how incredible this past weekend was. Here’s a few photos help you all get a glimpse of the fun.

Keep your chins up, folks. Happy Monday! STAY GLAMOUROUS 🙂


My weekend in Pictures: my hair and makeup from the Red Door photoshoot, my early birthday present from my Daddy, (nothing like a little blue box) me and my daddy at Handsome Harry’s, and my sister and I goofing off for the camera. 




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