Girly Girl

Sometimes, a girl’s simply gotta bring out her ultimate “girly-ness.” The past couple days I have been doing just that. There comes a time when all that we girls wanna do is curl up, watch a chick flick, paint our nails, read a magazine, and eat fro-yo. Some women find that if they commit at least ten minutes a day to doing something for themselves they become far happier in a matter of seconds. Whether its yoga, a quick at home facial, a nice run, reading a few pages in a book, indulging on some chocolate, some retail therapy or getting a treatment at the spa– the act of treating oneself every now and then can do wonders for the soul.

Yesterday, after I finished my second research paper, I immediately treated myself to a Sex and the City martini at a friend’s birthday dinner. (@101 downtown) It was a nice reward for my hard work. Today was even more indulgent! After my classes were over I grabbed my journal and wrote/read outside while soaking up some sun, went to the gym with a friend, got sushi, and bought GLAMOUR magazine  (glamourous of course) and a bar of dark chocolate. I could not be in a better mood now. My goodness, I am thankful for the ability to treat myself and be extremely girly when I feel like it.

On that note, it’s time to go take a steaming hot shower, lotion up, and relax.

Women everywhere, treat yourself to something fabulous today! Go exercise, get your nails done, shop, read, meditate, make a fabulous meal, or watch your favorite rom-com. And remember,

 Stay Glamourous.


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