Orange & Blue

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hang in there, it’s almost the weekend. After 4 classes I will be free and on my way to Naples with my man again to see my family, friends, and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  In the meantime, I am making the best of my day and trying to be productive while wandering my stunning campus.

I know I am extremely biased, but I truly think the University of Florida Campus is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen. Although I’ve been a Gator since birth (my father and older sister went to UF), my choice of being a Gator wasn’t forced upon me. I chose UF because I fell in love with the brick, rustic look of the buildings, the large palm and pine trees hanging over the narrow streets, the tall century tower, the powerful Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, and the overall classic look of campus that precisely mirrored what “College” looked like in my head.

I still get overwhelmed by the beauty of our campus. Walking to class is a lovely way to start my day, as I get to take in all of the stunning views my University has to offer. One of my favorite things to do to get a workout on campus is go to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The combination of cardiovascular activity, 90,000 empty blue and orange seats, and a groomed green field enhanced by sunlight is such a sight. On top of its beauty, being in the football stadium, or “the Swamp”, brings back the wonderful memories of the past football seasons.

Oh Gator Nation, how I adore you. I will forever “Bleed Orange & Blue.”

GO GATORS 🙂 & stay glamourous!



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