Thinking Positively

Rise and Shine!

This fast paced week is still going strong and causing me to feel a bit insane. Nevertheless, I am continuing to smile, breathe, and take notice of the good around me. As I mentioned earlier this week, my daily goals revolve around positivity. To some of you, this may seem juvenile or silly, considering it might be ‘un-genuine’ to be overwhelmingly positive if I do not truly feel that way. However, I am not trying to be falsely positive, I am simply making an attempt to go through my days in an appreciative manner. Today, I am appreciative for my health and my body. Although I do struggle with my body image and wish to be healthier with my habits, (as do about 90% of women in the U.S.) I am trying to treat my body with more respect. Instead of worrying about my meal choices or dreading my workouts this week, I have been simply listening to my body. 

My sister and I won a 7 day membership to Gainesville Health and Fitness this week and we started our workout regimen yesterday. Instead of looking at our workouts as a duty we treated our regimen as a fun sister date. Making the mental shift from force to fun really changed the experience of the gym for me. We did weights, a small amount of cardio, steamed in the steam room, and ended our visit by buying delicious protein smoothies. When we finished, I felt like a new person. My body was so grateful for getting my heart rate up and sweating out some stress. My machine was happy, and therefore my spirit was happy. The whole process wasn’t driven towards ‘getting skinny,’ but rather feeling good. “Feeling healthy” is attainable and positive and doesn’t create emotional pressure. This is the proper incentive to take when adapting a healthy lifestyle, and this is what I am trying to stick to. 

Lesson learned: Loving my body means respecting it, listening to it, and not criticizing it. Although it is easier said than done, I hope that I continue to love my body this way and treat my machine the way it should be treated. I am so fortunate to wake up every day, with a youthful, healthy machine that keeps me going. So many others are not as fortunate. Many women and men do not have the ability to work out, play sports, bathe themselves, or take care of themselves whatsoever. It is important for me to continue to thank God every day for the blessing of health and fitness in my life and for my ability to dance, walk, run, and stay active. 

I challenge you all to appreciate your machines today. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Stretch. Run. Dance. Play a sport. Go to the gym. And remember that maybe one day you won’t be able to do these things. 

And of course, STAY GLAMOUROUS. 

Love you all


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