Stop and Stare

I am not going back to school. I am not going back to school. I am not going back to school. I am not going back to school. 

—-Let’s face it, I have to go back to school.

Vacation is slowly ending and it is that miraculous time to transition back to reality, obligations and schedules. 

I want to stay in Beaver Creek, eat junk food, drink beer and wine, snowboard all day, and laugh with my family for as long as I possibly can. However, if I did so, my vacations and sweet family time wouldn’t be as cherished. Tomorrow my sister and I board a plane out of Denver and head back to Gainesville to get back into the swing of school and sorority life. Although a part of me dreads going back to class and not being with my family, I am still looking forward to the cycle of my schedule, seeing my friends, going back to my dance classes, and spending time with my handsome boyfriend.
      It is truly remarkable how quickly this year has flown by. I am astonished that we only have a month and a half left of spring semester. What truly makes me emotional is the fact that, at the end of this semester, I will officially be labeled “a senior.” ———-No, thank you. I am not ready to have such a title. 

Not to be cliche, but it seems like yesterday that I was watching Disney Channel every night after a home cooked meal and getting tucked in by my mother and father. And now I’m one year away from being financially independent, living on my own, and pursuing a ballsy career. I can’t handle it. I really wish I could really have a “slow down” button for my life. So often, I find myself waking and going through my daily routine without appreciating the smaller things: my health, my family, my friends, my classes, my safety, my blessings, or my privileges. So this week, as I adjust to being back at school, I am going to challenge myself to do just the opposite. I am going to focus on the good things that I may normally take for granted. After all, why waste a day being blind to God’s work? I encourage all of you to try and do the same this week as well. Stop and take notice. Breathe. Stretch your beautiful, healthy body and appreciate it. Smile. Laugh. Give. Receive. Love.

And most of all, 

Stay Glamourous 🙂





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