From one city to the next…

Hello All!

Every day I am reminded how insanely privileged by life is.

A few short days ago I was in New York City with my mother and sister. We simply went to the city for a 24 hour girls trip, but we squeezed in more adventures than we could imagine. We arrived at noon, shopped on Madison Avenue, ate a spectacular dinner at the 21 Club, (a famous old gentleman’s jockey club founded in 1922) and saw Nick Jonas star in “How to Succeed without Really Trying.” (I was so impressed by his vocal, dance, and acting skills) The next day we ate breakfast at our favorite diner next to the Waldorf Astoria, visited a friend at Columbia University, ate at an organic restaurant called “Community” near campus, went to the Museum of Natural History and saw 3 exhibits, and finally boarded our next plane to Denver to meet up with my dad. At the moment,  I am surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, endless snow powder, family, and hot delicious meals. We have been staying at Beaver Creek Village, a gorgeous ski resort in Avon, Colorado that we have gone to for almost 10 years. It is a lovely setting: snow-kissed mountains, cottages, shops and restaurants, a skating rink, the Hyatt Mountain Resort, and several coffee shops and trails. Our condo is ski-in/ski-out and we have access to a ton of fun activities. I am here with my dad, every single one of my siblings, and my best friend and her family. It has been unforgettable. On top of the luxurious and wonderful perks of being at this Resort, the biggest perk is just being with each other. Last night was probably one of my favorite moments. My dad cooked his infamous beef stroganoff, we sipped on wine, told stories, and laughed till our stomachs hurt while playing ‘bowl of nouns.’ We finished the night off with warm cookies and milk, and we were all in bed by 11. This is what spring break is all about for me. The only down sides of the trip– dry skin, sunburns, chapped lips, and sore bodies. Everything else has been flawless. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Much love to everyone,

Stay Glamourous.


P.s. Here are a few pictures from our fantastic voyages!

Top to bottom: me at the airport on my way to NYC, me and my beautiful sister at dinner at the 21 club, a playbill of H2S, my new turquoise blazer (antique shop) and my new H &M necklace from NY, my healthy and delicious lunch at community organic cafe NYC, our stroll at Riverside Park, view from our Condo at Beaver Creek, me and my daddy ready to board, a glorious cup of hot cocoa at the Ritz. (Bachelor’s Gulch in BC resort)


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